Kelsey Love

Kelsey is one of our 2020 sponsored riders, here is Kelsey’s bio in her own words….

I am a 20 year old and freelance, fully insured groom/rider. I’m very lucky as I’ve fallen on my feet with two amazing clients I go to every day. One being Pembridge Stud which is a racehorse stud based near Long Stratton in Norfolk, which I love! My day starts at 5:15 every morning and up the yard by 5:30 to attend to my horses and get the first of them exercised, before starting work at 8am. I finish work anywhere from 5 and 7pm depending on the day. After work it is back to the yard to exercise my other horse. So everyday all I tend to see is horses, and the odd person, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

I have two horses out competing this year, both of which are my own. 

Castle House Gem (aka Ruby) is a 16.1hh Cleveland bay x thoroughbred, she is 14 years old. I’ve owned her for 3 and a half years and before we had her she hadn’t really had much eventing experience at all, in-fact she spent most of the event getting eliminated! However, after 3 years of hard work we are now in our third season and are successful at BE100. I’m hoping to also push Ruby up to a BE105 later on in the season, and maybe a Novice. Ruby loves eventing and certainly knows her job once she gets onto the cross country course. However, a good dressage score is very important too and thanks to my amazing trainer Tammy Ruffles, Ruby is now competing confidently at Elementary dressage which has helped the eventing dressage greatly. We have a very exciting season ahead as we are off to Badminton for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup at the beginning of May, we are very excited and hope to be successful. 

Ruby has also competed in the British Dressage winter regionals this year at elementary and has qualified for the summer regionals. We are aiming to start teaching her some medium movements in the near future. 

My other horse is Mermus R Royal Touch (aka Merlin) who is a Irish sports horse, sired by Mermus R. He will turn 6 this year. I have only had him for around 10 months, so we’ve done a lot of work on the flat work as he was very green, however, his jump makes up for that! This season Merlin has had two runs at BE90 proving himself to be something very special for the future as both have been double clears. This year I’m planning on just getting Merlin confident around the tracks and in the middle putting him up to BE100. My aim for him in the long run is to compete FEI. 

Merlin is a very dippy horse around the yard, you have to drag him in from the field and you’d never think he’d get around a cross country course, but he doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body. 

Ruby is petrified of hot air balloons and she’ll spot them even before you do! 

Katrina Hall

Our other sponsored rider for 2020 is Katrina Hall. Find out about Katrina from the horse’s mouth….


I am a 28 year old registered veterinary nurse, working within a busy veterinary hospital within Essex. I juggle my work with caring for my pony and my passion for dressage. Literally when i am not working i am down the stables, mucking out, riding, planning my next competition and training sessions.


My dancing partner is King of the Street known to his friends as Carnaby or The Beast. He is a 14.2hh Bright bay, New forest, Gelding and I have owned him for 11 and half years. He is 17 years old and through our journey together we have had many highs and lows.


This year we aim to qualify for Petplan area festivals at medium silver and advanced medium bronze levels. Qualify for the Allen and Page veterans championships at medium and advanced medium. Hoping to be successful in achieving a place in the British Dressage Eastern region home international team and also i am aiming to finish the year off by riding my first advanced test.


King of the Street also called The Beast as he has a big presence and likes to make sure you know he is there and that all the attention is on him at all times! He is also very cheeky and mischievous and can never be trusted at any time to not try and escape and find food (which is his favorite pass time). He also thinks he is a dog and loves to give you lots of kisses and licks, he can sniff a mint or treat out from a mile away and will not stop pestering you until you give in and give them to him.