Initial Assessment

I pride myself in attention to detail so the Initial assessment is deemed vital to get the animals history, assess animals current performance and condition and ensure we can provide the best treatment going forward.

Maintenance & Support

I strive to assist owners , support and maintain the comfort, wellbeing and performance of their animals to assist with their day to day life and performance. Visits can be tailored to as and when the owner requires as well as tailored appointment schedules subject to animals requirements.

Emergency Visits

Should your animal need a urgent sports massage or physiotherapy treatment due to emergency circumstances and your vet can refer you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Should I meet with your animal after veterinary referral and I find that the animal is requiring veterinary treatment, a full report will be written and a referral back to your vet made. The welfare of the animal always comes first and I will do my very best to assist where relevant and possible.

Competition Assistance

It is vital that animals are maintained during high level and intense competitions, I currently offer my services as a travelling physiotherapist and sports massage therapist. Please contact me to discuss possible options and travel packages.

Pre & Post Competition Checks

The welfare of animals paramount when preparing to travel and compete. I offer pre and post competition and travel checks to ensure the animals can work to their best potential during the competition seasons however big or small the competition.

Volunteer & Charity Work

I do my very best in my spare time to help local organisations with treating their currently occupants and assist with their processes to get the animals safely to their new homes. If your organisation is in need of any assistance please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Overseas Visits

I currently travel to France with the provision to travel to other countries as per the demand. I currently work along side many French and British show jumpers, riding schools and yound horse producers in France.

If you are over seas and would like to book a free initial telephone consultation, please do not hesitate to ask.